Baaz Jungle Resort,Pench Tiger Reserve, Karmazari

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Set amidst enviable green 13.5 Acres BAAZ, a Jungle Resort, 90 kms from  the Orange City of India, Nagpur, situated in Pench Tiger Reserve Area.   It offers you a perfect environment to recharge yourself. It is enveloped by bountiful beauty of birds, beasts and biological extravaganza offering a   rare opportunity of shooting with    your lens from dawn to dusk. Baaz      is blessed with a family of flying  squirrels who have their permanent place of residence bordering Baaz.

Operational since 2005, so far Baaz has extended its hospitality to more    than 2500 customers from far off and international destinations.  


My Story with Sher Khan happened in these lovely

jungles of central india .



Life never turns the way we want!
But, we live it the best way we can!

There's no perfect life! but, we can Fill it with perfect moments.....

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Make some of those moments Perfect in Mother Natures Lap !!



Legend of Mowgli

In 1831, Lieut John Moor a British officer camped in the    village of Sant Vavadi in the Jungles of Seoni – now Pench   Tiger Reserve. He was able to capture the wolf child.

Sir Rudyard Kipling wrote “The Jungle Book” in 1894, based    on William Sleeman’s book, the Rambles and Recollections;     in which Sleeman narrated the story of the Wolf Child.   Sleeman served in Jabalpur in the state Madhya Pradesh (Central India) from 1825 to 1831.

Kipling visited Seoni and learned about the region. The   jungles of Seoni are as enchanting as Kipling portrayed     them. In Kipling country, jungles, rivers, villages, natives, animals are all there for the visitor to experience, just as        he mentioned in his book.

Sher Khan rules the jungles of Seoni ever since evolution positioned him at the top of the food chain. Along with       Sher Khan live the wolf pack, leopard, bear, bison, deer,       wild dog and reptiles, birds and numerous other forms of animals. Of course Mowgli is no more but than who knows, someday he may be discovered again among the wolf pack     or seen roaming with Baloo or Baghira.

This is what makes tiger reserves like Pench so full of excitement and thrill! One never knows what lies in store during the tiger safari!


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She Too Convinced Her Mate to Nest At Baaz :)


 Only Three out of the four are visible in the Pic .but we can still see all four moving in and around  BAAZ .